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Commission Prices - 2017 by AshWolf-Forever Commission Prices - 2017 by AshWolf-Forever
3 x 5in or larger photo references are required for portraits, and some kind of reference is required for all others. All directions, such as poses, colors, and other specifications should be made when you place your order. At any time before a final draft is made you may cancel your order.

NOTE: The final commission image is the purchaser's to do with as they wish. While I appreciate credit, and prefer you not use any image I created for public "smut", otherwise if I make something for someone I consider it theirs. Aside from being able to use the image as an example of my work.


Please realize these are guidelines for commissions only. What I draw for myself is another matter. I am not going to be bound by these guidelines should I choose to step outside them in my own work. What I will and will not do may be added on to at random. Thank you.

I use:

  • Tools. Pencil, paper, Turcom drawing tablet, GIMP.
  • References. I very rarely can draw something without having a model of some kind. 9 times out of 10, I will link to my references in the description. I have rarely missed linking OR it was from one of my books and not online.

I will not draw (this does not apply to ink/color commissions):

  • Machinery. I am not skilled enough at this time to draw machines to my standards.
  • Automobiles. Likely falls into the same category as above, but cars, trucks, motorcycles are all outside my skill-set right now.

I will not do:

  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work). This includes any and all forms of pornography. I will not do anything that includes explicit sex or unusually visible genitals. I have no issue with sheaths, like dogs and horses usually have for example, but I prefer to not draw anatomically correct animals unless in a realistic setting. (See my DARPG work.)
  • Propaganda. I refuse to promote any side of anything, thank you.
  • Hate Art. Any piece that promotes hate of any kind will be rejected.

will do:

  • Anthros/Furries.
  • Animals. I am most skilled with canines and felines. If I cannot draw something to my commission standards, I will tell you when you inquire.
  • Any Romantic Partners. This means straight, gay, poly, etc. To repeat the will not do list, I will not do anything NSFW. But cuddling, just being together, etc, I'm fine with. I know plenty of artists who will not do more than straight do to their beliefs, and I respect them for that.

Payment Options

I accept deviantART Points and PayPal.
  • Full payment is due after the commission is finished.
  • Anything over $5, a deposit of half is due after sketch approval, and the rest once its finished.
  • Anything extremely detailed, a deposit of half is due after sketch approval, and the rest once its finished.

Delivery Methods

Method #1: E–Mail (No Charge)

After payment, the file will be sent to an email address you provide.

Method #2: deviantART upload (No Charge)

Watermark will not be removed or downloads allowed until payment is received. If not satisfied, full payment* is not required, but the file will be removed from dA.
*This applies to any commission that I received a half after sketch approval; you will not get your deposit back. 
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